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Best Air Purifier for Asthma and Allergies - Become Healthy

Best Air Purifier for Asthma and Allergies - Become Healthy

If you have asthma or allergies, you know how miserable life
can be.  Not to mention how terrifying an
asthma attack can be especially when you are watching an n eight year old child
as you stand helplessly by.  Why not cut
it off to begin with?  Get the best air
purifier on the market for asthma and allergies to stop an asthma attack to
begin with.  There is no other air purifier
that can compare with IQAirPro Plus as they set the standard to remove
ultrafine particles and produce the cleanest air possible. 


Monday, February 24, 2014

Become Healthy: Take Charge of Your Health - Become Healthy

Become Healthy: Take Charge of Your Health - Become Healthy

Is Your Teenage Daughter Fat?

     Crushing is the only way to put it.  Teen girls that are fat or overweight or however you want to word it are crushed.  Depression pulls them down and food is one of their comforts some actually eat more.  Being a parent is the tough part.  Telling her that she is fat is not going to help; in fact, she will only slam the door in your face and refuse to talk to you.  In fact, talking to anyone that is obese is really difficult.  It is much easier to go up to a person that too thin that they might frighten a scarecrow away if they get any thinned than it is to tell a young lady that she is as round as she is tall.  In the United States it is just socially completely rude to do so.  Neither example is really good to do.

    There must be a better way to approach the subject.  As a parent telling a boy or girl that they are not at a healthy weight might be a good start.  Some kids are so sedentary that all they need to do is look at food and they gain weight. Never been a proponet of telling anyone to exercise to lose weight.  Then exercise becomes associated with wieght loss instead of it's real purpose:  to keep healthy.  Exercise to maintain good health.  Our bodies do not work properly without exercise.
Here is a list of the many benefits of exercise:
1. exercise promotes good health.
2. It promotes strong bones.
3. Raises your pulse.
4. Helps to sweat out impurities from your body.
5. Creates muscle strength.
6. Brightens how you feel about yourself.
7. Builds muscle.
8. Helps the balance appetite.
9. Relieve stress.
10. Increases endurance.
11. Improves stamina
12. Helps to improve a good night sleep.
13. Burns calories.
14. clears the mind.
Girls are more prone to depression from being fat or overweight. They know that guys seem to gravitate more to the popular girls tend to be thin and well-dressed. Boys can get just as depressed as they to struggle the shed unwanted pounds.

A quick look at the family and all the family functions shows us that the family is often the root of the matter. If kids see parent/around never exercising any junk food. They want to do the same. Exercising as a family something as basic sitting down and eat dinner. However, that does not seem to be the case and are very active society where we spend more time with technological things than we do moving around talking with each other.

When kids are young, they really need to be taught to go outside and play. Kids usually don't want to do it learn quickly that they have to do it. Fighting with kids because YOU know what is right is part of parenting.  Before you know it they are out there have a good time with other kids forgetting how much they didn't want to be there. Fresh air and exercise are to the best things a kid can do after sitting at a desk.the stress of the day is minimize by the activity of running around outside breathing and fresh air. This really good advice for anyone. We don't stop in exercise our bodies pay for it. Before you know it, lose muscle tone in the flab starts appearing in your title time. Every person alive with a should exercise. Not exercising means you're probably not healthy.

Of course, their restrictions for people that way more than they should. Usually under the advice of a doctor should in exercise of any type started. It seems like it's pure drudgery to exercise some routine as prescribed. It's kind like taste and taking some horrible medicine. If you don't like what you doing you won't do it. How many people own treadmills, exercise bikes, rowing machines, and what they really serve as is close racks. Some exercise equipment or actions sold is brand-new and they are not lying  as equipment probably was use maybe once.   What a bargain for the people actual use equipment. Something good to know.
One tip for exercising keeping up exercise is to play some of us equipment from the TV. If you rhyme exercise bike while watching a movie, and more likely to keep down, especially when you see how many calories you burnt.   humans the distractions we are the same.

. Some people are born exercise fanatics. They seem to be able to go for hours and hours never tire of exercise.. The average person is not that way. They exercise when they're done there, done. That doesn't mean not proud  of themselves, they just don't want to exercise for hours.
Working with overweight teenagers, means addressing poor diets; increasing activity; helping the family. To be more active; and adding more activity to life in general.

For your consideration: do we really need a snowblower when you can ask you just shoveled the snow. Same goes for leaf blowers call, go on break the leaves. We like our gadgets to do the work for us. But you can  get to jobs done  at  once  by raking leaves, and breaking a sweat all once.  . It's a good workout. Same goes for shoveling snow. Can burn up some major calories tone muscles and get rid of the snow one time. Do it for your health. Not for the calories. Always strive to get faster, stronger and challenge yourself. It's not that you want to be a super athlete, you just want be healthy. Having goals is a good thing.

Now, on a diet, Americans love their garbage, lots of it. We hardly any foods with fiber in it.   There are ,many families that don't eat fresh fruit or vegetables. Eating just meat and potatoes is not such a good idea. Fact, that's all people do we at times.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Feel Lousy All The Time?

Do You Feel Lousy And Don't Know Why?

    Do you wake up and just feel like you never sleep?  Not only that, the usual morning headache awaits you.  Yes you need a cup of coffee to get going but you feel no better.  Did you ever consider that you have chronic fatigue?  Probably too busy to even think about it.  You look at your life and wonder what can I change?  Lot of folks do not have energy because they eat infrequently and even too late.  Eat small frequent nutritious meals might get you on the right path.  Definitely fit in exercise even inside but preferably with a friend so it's not torture. So if you eat frequent small meals, exercise and get enough rest why do you feel like a slug?
     There may be an underlying condition that you are experiencing but you do not want to go to the dr.  Some docs will think that you are looking for attention.  But over time it justs keeps getting harder and harder to move.  What on earth could be wrong with me?  Maybe I need a new job?  You could.
     You probably have chronic headaches that you are used to.  Pain meds don't help so you suck it up.  There is something to consider on the radical side and that is mold exposure.  This is considered a 21st Century plague.  There are so many houses with mold. Over half of all buildings in the U.S. suffer from water intrusion:  mold according to NIOSH.  Does you basement have a bunch of stuff stored in cardboard boxes?  Carpeting down there?  Do you have a dehumidifier for basement running in the humid months?  If you don't you have a moldy basement.  All that porous stuff like cardboard boxes, wood, construction supplies,newspapers etc are moldy.  So, you open the basement door and those pesky mold stores visit and multiply on that cushy couch in the living room.  Mold migrates and grows in warm, dark, damp places.  It is amazing how many people never open their drapes to let the sun in.
     Mold makes you sick.  The longer you are around it the worse you feel.  It drains you of energy, chronic headaches which can be downright nasty.  Asthma and allergy symptoms can be caused or aggravated by mold.  Are you having a hard time concentrating or remembering things?  There are many conditions associated with mold due to a genetic flaw which I will blog on later.  How Mold Affects You
    4 step to feeling better:
1.  Run dehumidifier for basement in humid months.   Do not turn off. Prevent mold.
2.  Run allergy air purifiers through house to kill mold.
3.  Clean all surfaces with Borax and kill mold on surfaces.
4.  Hepa vacuum all surfaces to remove dead mold spores.            

Having a dehumidifier in your basement is a must to prevent mold.  Cleaning the air with air purifiers is also something everyone should do.  Use a quality hepa vacuum. Visit:  Amazon Store for all of these products.

It is obvious that you need to pitch anything that is moldy.  De-clutter you house and pitch as much as you can.  That is just more to clean. Need allergy air purifiers? Hit the sales link or feel free to stop at our online store.
Live Healthy...Be Happy

To help you feel better, I found a product that enables you to feel better all around.  Here is what Laminine does:

  1. It improves your overall sense of health and well being
  2. Promotes more restful sleep enabling your body to heal.
  3. Restores the body to its natural state of homeostasis.
  4. Aids in brain function and activity.
                                                         Laminie: Better Health

Friday, August 3, 2012

The Bizarre Day After

 Went to the local amusement park with my daughter, my friend, and her 2 kids.  Rode about 10 rides.  Figured it was not as hot as it has been.  Felt ok so I watched the kids ages 4 and 6 while mom had a blast acting like a kid going down the water slides.  It was a great day and all had fun.
  The next day I thought my head was going to explode. I woke up and knew that the migraine required sleep medication  to sleep it off.  No light, no sound.  My muscles ripped with pain.  I could not massage out the pain.  Sleeping for hours did take off the edge off the migraine but I was absolutely worthless for the day.  Pain did not leave me.  I rested and was in a zombie like trance.  There is absolutly no medical explanation for what is happening.  Doctors keep looking and waiting for something to happen and it does not occur.
    This is some of the bizzare things that happen to biotoxic mold patients.  For the most part, we are locked up in our houses.  There are so little places to go or things we can do because they all make us sick.  I would not wish this life on anybody.
    Michael Rollins Williams, filmaker, and Karen Noseff, have made a movie chronicling what happens to the biotoxic mold patient.  Black Mold Exposure Movie A Sick Story is available at  Here is what is said about this 1st rate movie:

"Shocking and entertaining.  A must see."
                                          Planet Thrive
"Loved it.  You're are brilliant.  You're our hero."
                                          Gary A.
"I didn't expect it to be so moving."
                                           Jen B.
"You're going to want to watch this one."
                                           Film Threat

Keep reading this blog as I will share with you what happens with others.  You will also be able to access this info at:

Friday, July 20, 2012

Thursday, July 19, 2012

How Clean is The Air in Your Home?

     Something to ponder:  How clean is the air in your home?  Are you always feeling tired ,head stuffy, headaches, stomach upset, essentially lousy ...?  You probably blame it on allergies.  Because you are too busy to go to the doctor you take antihistamines and don't even realize that they do not work.
     There is a connection to the quality of air and your list of ailments.  Between organic contaminants like fungi(mold), germs, bacteria, viruses, and indoor pollution coming from the myriad of things you own such as carpeting, furniture, cleaning chemicals, constructions materials, shampoo etc. , the air is not fresh and invigorating.  Considering we spend over 90% of our time indoors, it is no wonder we get sick.  How about lighting up a cigarette in the house.  Over 4,000 chemicals in a cigarette. It blackens the walls and hangs out on the walls, furniture, ceiling.  Sixty- nine carcinogens exist in cigarette smoke alone.
     There are things you can do.  Carpeting is loaded with chemicals.  Replace with hardwood floors.  Limit your cleaning products.  Store as many chemical sand construction materials in the garage that can be stored.  Limit the beauty collection.  Throw out or donate things you no longer use.  Smoke outside away from children. Do not use any air fresheners.  A match works in the bathroom to eliminate odors.  Crack the bathroom window and leave the door open after a shower.
     Clean the air.  Newer technology in air cleaning is readily available.  Hepa filtration mold air purifiers are a must.  A powerful 99.97% of contaminants are removed.  Negative ion generators duplicate nature and produce fresh, invigoration air.  Ultraviolet air purifiers penetrate the cell walls or organic contaminants and destroy.  UAV purifiers are especially recommended for folks with asthma, COPD and any other respiratory problem.  Electrostatic air purifiers us the "corona discharge" creating an electromagnetic field to add a charge to atoms that pass through.  Since opposites attract, they bind together and fall to the floor or are attracted to the charged plates on the purifier.  Some companies sell purifiers with all the above components:  hepa, negative ion, ultraviolet air, and electrostatic air purifiers.
     Dehumidify your basement with a dehumidifier for basement to stop mold and other contaminants from growing in the basement.  Check the attic for leaks.  Some folks do not go in the attic for extended periods of time or not at all. Air quality is certainly effected by what is growing in the basement.  Take out any wet things out of the basement.  Check the roof and clean otu the gutters.  If the gutters get jammed with debris, ice dams form and water worked its way under the shingles and into the house.
     Open the windows and let fresh air in.  The air is cleaner outside except for the city.  Keep drapes open to let the sun in.  Small things make a difference to air quality.
     Use a only a hepa vacuum.  Older vacuums let what was vacuumed back into the air.  Hepa filtration is very effective at removing surface contaminants.  Empty vacuum outside.
    Please visit my site at HTTP:// for products and more information I have brand name dehumidifiers, mold air purifiers and hepa vacuums at below retail price often with free shipping.  This site is secure and constantly updated with information for the customer.